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Making Fingerprint Jewelry is easy. A few simple techniques are easily mastered by anyone in the comfort of their own home.People are flying into my workshop, sometimes from thousands of miles away, just so they can learn how to make Fingerprint Jewelry, and although more and more people came, there were many others who emailed me, but couldn’t make the long trip to my studio.

People are flying into my workshop, sometimes from thousands of miles away, just so they can learn how to make Fingerprint Jewelry, and although more and more people came, there were many others who emailed me, who just couldn’t make the long trip to my studio.

So, after I looked into this a little bit further, I finally made up my mind to help them out and started writing my new book ‘How to Make Fingerprint Jewelry’

A Total Beginners Guide that Anyone Can Use

I wanted this book to be an easy and inexpensive solution for people who were looking to get started making fingerprint and keepsake jewelry but were not able to get to classes.

The Author: Maggie Bergman

Most of my previous students were stay at home Mums who knew they were creative and wanted to use that creativity and make some extra income at the same time.

Let me introduce myself….

My name is Maggie Bergman, I am a jewelry teacher on Australia’s Gold Coast.
When I first found Metal clay I was so excited by the possibilities of this material! It is amazing what can be made from this easy to use precious metal clay.


In This Book, You Will Find Everything You Need to Know,
All in One Place!

We start off at the very beginning,  all the basic skills you’ll need to get you started in this very rewarding business. The first section of the book is totally devoted to all the techniques, tips & tricks that will help you get all the basics for making the projects.

  1. Taking great fingerprints
    In order to make fingerprint jewelry, you have to know how to take the fingerprints which you are going to transform into gorgeous silver jewelry. There are several methods you can use to do this and each one is explored in depth, in a chapter all its own.
  2. Alternative methods for taking fingerprints
    We go into the problems you’ll encounter when you need the fingerprints from people who live far away, and we solve this by using a totally different technique, using an easy material you can send by mail, for people to take the prints in their own home and send you back the results. Later in the book, you’ll learn how to take these fingerprints further and transform them into beautiful pieces of jewelry, precious materials with even more precious memories attached.

    Silver handprint charm & birthstone

  3. Taking a baby’s hand or footprints
    Next, we’ll look at all the things you need to consider when you want to take a baby’s hand or footprint because babies and very small children don’t have a lot of definition in their fingerprints yet, taking their little hands & feet prints is a great choice.
  4. Using Kid’s drawings
    Children’s drawings are so cute! So I devoted a whole chapter with tips & techniques you need to get the drawings just right, so they can be made into silver pendants and charms, and come out fantastic every time!
  5. Successfully making Photopolymer Plates
    The next chapter takes the mystery out of making photopolymer plates, when I introduced these plates to the metal clay community, in 2005,  everyone went crazy over them, they are one of the most versatile tools you can have in your arsenal and will take your jewelry to the next level. Learning how to make these plates will give you a huge advantage over the people who might try and make keepsake jewelry on their own and who’ve never even heard of them!

…. and Then We Go On to the Projects

The next section of the book starts with the tools and materials you’ll need, to get yourself set up for making your jewelry. Luckily this is not a craft that needs lots of gadgets and expensive equipment to start with, keep it simple is best, until you know what to do and are comfortable with the materials.

There are 10 beautiful projects to get you started:

  • The first, and easiest, are some cute little hand or footprint charms, they will help you find your feet, and build your confidence to try the more advanced pieces. These are also one of the most popular pieces you can sell, quick to make and not too expensive for your custSilver heart with fingerprint and nameomers to buy.
  • In the next project you are going to use the drawings your children have made, and transform them into a trendy T-Shirt pendant. You’ll learn the best way to add a handwritten name, or maybe a date before you finish your pendant.
  • A direct method of taking a fingerprint right onto the metal is next, this is an all time favorite with everybody, the touch of a loved one’s finger, preserved for ever in precious metal. These are the  best sellers for most fingerprint artists,  I’ll show you how to make a beautiful heart pendant with a fingerprint and name.
  • Then there’s a great reference directory for birthstones in the next chapter, the meaning of the gem stones and the best way to include them in your work, some can be included from the start, others will have to be set afterward.
  • A whole chapter on setting stones in metal clay is next, here you will learn the little tricks that make your setting perfect every time.Many more projects follow, all of them teaching a new skill, they are designed to give you a full range of techniques you can use in all of your own designs as well.
    • Stamping letters into metal.Silver Key with fingerprint
    • Scribing a name into metal clay before it is fired, a great way to get a handwritten look.
    • Joining wet to dry pieces
    • Properly embedding silver wire into the wet clay
    • Working out what size to make a ring and allowing for the clay’s shrinkage.

Making Your Jewelry Look Professional

Silver Tshirt PendantIt doesn’t matter how many great ideas you have, the final finish and polish of your work will be the thing that people will see first. There are several methods to finish silver jewelry to a beautiful shine, and you will learn each of them right here. In fact, I think this is so important I have dedicated 2 chapters to it.

Applying Patina

In the first finishing chapter we’ll look into applying a patina to accent your fingerprints and make the textures come alive. How to take the patina off selectively and bring the silver back.

The Final Polishing

Tumbling & polishing is next,  the success of your jewelry depends on how well you have finished your work, learn how the professionals do it!
Learn how to set up a tumbler for finishing many pieces at the same time, this will give a beautiful shine and save you lots of time!
Find out the do’s and don’ts,  and little tricks to make sure you get the results you want to see.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

There are many people all over the world who started out just like you, with a great idea to make extra money from home, then going on to learn the skills they needed to turn their hobby into a profitable full- or part time business.

It can be done!  and…. You Can Do It Too!

To help those who have never started a business before I have included 2 extra chapters, they are completely devoted to business topics, here you will learn:

  • What to do to get started
  • How to make sure your customers can find you
  • How your friends and family can help promote your new business.
  • How to use social media to build your business
  • What to include on a web site, and, do you even need one?

The last chapter has a checklist of things to consider before you start up your business, and how to make the transition from a hobby to a business as painless as possible.

Making fingerprint jewelry ebook

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