I have made a few video tutorials to make it easier for you to get started with fingerprint jewelry.

If you are in Australia you might want to take a look at my new Fingerprint Certification Courses
these are private (1-1) workshops held at my Gold Coast studio and are especially suited to people wanting to start their own Fingerprint & Keepsakes Jewellery business.

Click the Image or the Link to go to the video tutorial.

Youtube-FP-Tut-Image-1-250 The first one looks at taking fingerprints at home, using easily found materials.
Youtube-FP-Tut-Image-2-250 The next one is on taking fingerprint using Inkless Wipes.
Youtube-FP-Tut-Image-3-250 Then I’ll show you how to clean up the prints you took in Photoshop
Youtube-FP-Tut-Image-4-250 Because some people don’t have Photoshop, or find it difficult to use….. Here is another tutorial using a free online application called Pixlr Express
Youtube-FP-Tut-Image-5-250 Pixlr.com has another photo manipulation program, also free:) called Pixlr Editor and in this tutorial I step through the same fingerprint using this excellent editor, you’d swear you were using Photoshop, but it is free to use online.
Resizing Images youtube Resizing an image to suit your jewelry in Photoshop is easy too, have a look at this tutorial if you’re not too sure how to do it.