Sarah Parker Heerman – Fingerprint Jewelry

Today we’re looking at the jewelry of Sarah Parker Heerman.

3 Fingerprints Silver Pendant by Sarah Parker Heerman
Sarah lives in North Carolina, she’s a Certified PMC Artisan and a member of the North Carolina Society of Goldsmiths
A mum of three, she has been making fingerprint jewelry since she started.

'Spun' Silver Fingerprint Pendant

Silver Fingerprint Money Clip

I love this money clip, it would make a great present for men.
Check out Sarah’s web site: SilverKiln Studio  for lots more beautiful pieces to admire!


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andy malding - September 15, 2012 Reply

I love this jewelry, and want to make my own. I’m sorry, but I could not find an email address to send this. My wife and I have patiently waited for our book to come-
DUH! Now I see it-2 wks later that we were supposed to download it. Can I still get my copy? I paid for it with my Visa. Please email me and tell me what to do. Sincerely, Andy

    Maggie Bergman - September 16, 2012 Reply

    Hi Andy, sorry for the delay, I have just sent you an email with the link to the book:)
    Thank you for being so patient!

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