Make Keepsake Jewelry for Mothers Day

Mothers Day is not just about Mum, in our house the whole family was involved. We started planning weeks ahead of time, breakfast in bed was obligatory and was designed with meticulous attention to detail!
Mum’s favorite foods, even the ones that were a little unbreakfast-like, we (the kids) felt it all had to be there to make Mum really feel special on the day. I found out years later how cherished Mum felt that one day of the year and how much she appreciated the thought that went into it, if not the food!

We’re all grown up now and have moved to different parts of the world, and now it’s up to each of us individually to remember Mum and all the Love – Care & Attention she gave us growing up and even now, ” Your kids remain your kids no matter what their age” she says!

Well… this year I’m planning something very special for my Mum, I’ve been writing about Fingerprint & Keepsake Jewelry and put out an ebook on the subject, that’s all done, now it’s time for me to have some fun with it myself!

I asked my brother to take Mum’s fingerprints, using Inkless Wipes, a non-messy way to take the prints. I’m using these prints for making a photopolymer plate so that I can use them with Silver Metal clay to make a ring.

The ring will be specially designed to incorporate some elements that are special to Mum. The ring shank (this is the part that goes around your finger) will have a texture I made from an old embroidery chart Mum loved, the top part will spin, one side will have her writing in silver, the other side her thumbprint, I might put some gold on the fingerprint part, it seems appropriate somehow.

Mother and child

Photo courtesy of D.A.K.Photography

Fingerprint jewelry is loved by Mums of all ages, small prints from tiny fingers, hands or feet. The design can easily be taylored for people of any age, don’t forget that grandmums love their little ones!

If you are planning to make some fingerprint jewelry, keep in mind that very small babies do not have a defined fingerprint yet, taking an impression of their little hand or toes works better, looks unbelievably cute and will be treasured through the generations. These pieces are the heirlooms you make today for future generations!

Another great idea is to take your Mum’s prints and your own and make them into a pendant that is divided in two, then give her your print and you wear your Mum’s. A heart cut in two, or a Yin Yang symbol that is easily split would work very well.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much for the ideas to start flowing! I bet you’ll come up with many designs of your own when you start thinking about it!

So, what are you waiting for?  Get yourself organised and you’ll have the greatest present you’ve ever given your Mum!

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