Adding Healing Stones to Fingerprint Jewellery

I read a post last week about the jewellery of Andrea Rosenfeld, who designs jewellery incorporating healing stones. It is a well known and ancient tradition to use the energy of stones to help the body’s natural healing process, be it physical or psychological in nature.

This brought into context recent email conversations I’ve had with several people who bought my book (How to make fingerprint jewelry) and have starting to work with Fingerprint and Keepsake jewellery. The big difference is that they work with bereaved people, often after they suffered bereavement themselves. They work with people who have recently suffered a loss, varying from still born babies, children, elderly parents, to much loved pets that have passed away.

Samuel's Footprints

Erica Robert's 'Samuel's Footprints'

Thinking a little further about this, the healing stones combined with memorial jewellery could work well for someone looking to expand their range.
Local marketing would work well for this kind of jewellery, think of maternity wards, many whom make plaster footprints of still born babies, just so the parents will have a tangible memento of their baby. Angel jewellery, as it is called, is even more precious to people who’ve lost a child, of any age, being able to help grieving parents, even in a small way, is a very satisfying experience as well.

Your local Vet is another place where you could do some good, maybe they will allow you to put up a flyer or leave some business cards, for people to find when they need them most. Having a pet put to sleep is a soul wrenching thing to have to decide to do, being able to keep a small memento in the form of a paw print or an impression of their pet’s nose can be very comforting to people.

A funeral home is another place where for you can help, working together with a funeral director is a good way to get the prints required, you could teach them to take a fingerprint directly in the clay, or a traditional fingerprint on paper to be made into jewellery by you and delivered back to the home.

There is a lot of satisfaction in working with memorial jewellery and keepsakes, simple charms. pendants and not forgetting lockets, which could include a lock of hair. I have also seen some small, wearable containers with a tiny amount of ashes sealed inside.
Given some thought, it could be a good second line of jewellery for you to sell.

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