Going For Gold to Double Your Fingerprint Jewelry Collection!

I’m sure the recent Olympics have inspired people all over the world to try a little harder, this was even more true for me while watching the paralympics. I can’t imagine the battle these athletes went through before they could even think of participating in any sport, let alone setting their sight on gold medals!

Gold is a universal symbol of excellence & prestige and one that can add a new dimension to your fingerprint business.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the personal fashion color systems that are out there, ‘Getting your colors done’ was big in the eighties, I got mine done! Included in the color sampler you got to take home, was some advice about Jewelry, some ‘types’ should wear Silver, others Gold and in my case it was 2 Silver & 1 Gold, a mix of the 2 metals with the largest portion being silver.

When you’ve been selling your work for a while, it seems like a natural progression to expand your fingerprint business, and one of the easiest ways I can think of is to add Gold to your existing collection. When cleverly done this can triple your range.

  1. Your Silver Collection
  2.  The Gold Collection
  3.  Silver with Gold Accent Collection

So what are your choices?

The silver collection is probably everybody’s starting range and I’m sure you’ve figured out your best sellers from that. Adding Gold to your silver is not as hard as you might think, here are some options for you to consider:


This is the ancient Korean technique of adhering Gold Foil to silver. This is done by heating the silver and burnishing pure Gold Foil onto it while the silver is hot. The result is a permanent bond between the gold and silver that can be burnished further when the piece is cold

Aura 22 & Accent Silver

These are a liquid type Gold applied by brush to fired metal. Several coats are brushed on before the piece is refired to allow the Gold to bond to the silver base. Aura 22 requires a bit of practice, but it is the easiest technique to use when only small areas will be covered by gold. ACS Accent silver is probably the nicest looking gold on the market today.

Gold Clay

Gold clay is available from the same suppliers as silver clay products, you can work with it in much the same way as your regular silver clay. Look on the pack for the best firing instructions for your clay, as they are not the same for every brand. Gold clay is ridiculously expensive, and prohibitive to use commercially. If a solid gold piece of jewelry is required I would advise you to work with a casting firm.

Gold Paste

Gold paste is Gold Clay in a thinner consistence and is painted onto silver clay before it’s fired. You can make your own Gold Paste by adding a little water to Gold lump clay, or you can buy it ready to use. Apply several coats of Gold paste, if it’s too thin it will disappear by alloying into the silver during firing.


Vermeil is a coating of Gold plated onto silver, traditionally sterling and usually done by a commercial plating firm – to use the term ‘Vermeil’ the Gold plating has to be at least 2.5 microns thick and the type of gold used cannot be lower than 10 karat.
Note: Gold filled is a term used for gold plated base metal, such as copper & brass

I hope this gives you something to think about, it’s not too expensive to add a few gold pieces to your range and give yourself more chances to make a sale. Some people will never want to wear silver, no matter how much they might want a fingerprint jewelry piece, I think it would be a shame to miss out on a sale.  These clients are used to paying high prices for their Gold Jewelry, take my advise, don’t try and keep the cost down and devalue your work!


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