Learning the Basic Techniques to Get Started with Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint Jewelry step by step book

Fingerprint & Keepsake jewelry is very popular today, new designs and ideas are exciting and making it a vibrant part of the jewelry business.

But to have a great idea is only useful if you know how to make it, how it will be constructed and created into a beautiful piece of jewelry.And even though the materials we use are deceptively simple, but sometimes it’s the material itself that makes thing difficult.
Soft organic lines are easy to achieve with metal clay, but straight, or very clean lines are much harder to get right, and the same can be said for engraving into the clay.

In many cases using a photopolymer plate can help, you create your design on paper, scan it in or photocopy it, reduce the size to fit, then turn it into a stamp that gives you exactly what you designed on paper. For this process include things like;

  • Frames around a design
  • Handwriting, done by the child, the parent or by you
  • Children’s art and Drawings
  • Fingerprints from people who are far away
  • Hand or Footprints that need to be scaled down to fit the jewelry piece


To help getting you off to a flying start I have made some tutorial videos on YouTube, how to take great fingerprints and how to clean them up if necessary in Photoshop or Pixlr  check them out here.


And then there is my ‘How to Make Fingerprint Jewelry’ book.
It goes through all the steps for setting up to make this beautiful jewelry:


  • The Basics of working with Metal Clay
  • Essential Tools & Equipment – keeping it simple to start
  • How to turn writing or drawings into a silver charm or pendant
  • Detailed instructions for using Photopolymer plates
  • Stamping in Metal
  • Step by step projects that start from very simple designs to more complex ones
  • Setting up a business from your own home and turning a hobby into extra income

Access it Everywhere

This book is a downloadable ebook, you can read it on your computer or tablet, or even your phone, making it a reference book that you can use anywhere! Or you can print a few sections, some of the ‘how to’ chapters for instance, if you prefer to work that way.

Here are just a few things people said about the book:

Thank you so much for How to Make Fingerprint Jewelry. I found it very inspiring. Your explanations are clear and straight-forward and I feel confident I will be able to follow your instructions to make some exciting new designs. I loved the many little tips – such as using a wet wipe at the dry clay stage to reduce polishing – little details such as this will have a big impact on the final product. Your friendly and natural writing style means that the book feels like the next best thing to a one-to-one tutorial.
I must say that I think your book is fabulous and I have referred to it again and again.  It is all I have needed to enable me to produce terrific pieces for my friends and family, and even sometimes for customers (although recession has not helped in that area).
Thanks again.
Best regards
Also love your templates, as they have opened my world up with shapes etc, I have just been using cookie cutters which you can’t always get in the shape and size you want.. Also watched the youtube, it’s really good easy to follow.



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