Silver Butterfly Fingerprint Ring
There’s a world-wide interest in making fingerprint jewelry,  and the materials we have to work with these days make it easy for anyone to join in the fun!

Lots of people are setting up and run it as a home business, fun things to make in your own space and still have time enough for the kids. And of course the extra money helps with the family budget!

On this web site you’ll find all sorts of things that are in some way connected to making keepsake jewelry, as well as tips & strategies for you to use when you want to promote your work and making things run smoothly. Working from home is great, but it does have it’s challenges as well, and being aware of potential problems makes preventing them occurring much easier.

Getting your self, your family, your work space and your tme organised takes a lot of commitment and will require the cooperation of everyone around you.

Fingerprint jewelry make lovely gifts that are treasured by the recipient far above their actual value, this can save you a lot of money in the course of a year and if word gets around about what you are doing and the beautiful jewelry you make, requests/orders could start coming in all by themselves!

For babies and small children, who do not have a strongly defined fingerprint, handprints, or even footprints are very special, these are even easier to make than the fingerprint ones. They also look very cute when there’s a few of them on a special charm bracelet, maybe with a date and name on the back.

Fingerprint jewellery is obviously very popular for children, but there’s another side to this type of jewelry, ageing parents, and grandparents, and memento jewelry for the bereaved. There are some people who specialize in this, making small containers with a lock of hair from the loved one inside and incorporating their fingerprint in the design.

The same thing goes for pets, we love our animals and people will love the personalized items you can make for them, paw-prints, nose-prints, it all depends on the animal in question and what their owner wants.

As you can see, the potential for this kind of jewelry is enormous! Look around the site, much more will be added as time goes by. I hope you’ll give making fingerprint jewelry a try, and that you will  have a lot of fun with it!